Two sisters, two dancers, two countries

Oswaldo Vázquez’s younger sister, Sofía, performing at a competition in Yucatán, Mexico. (Photo courtesy of the Vázquez family)

Oswaldo Vázquez has an older sister named Sandy, 23,  who lives in Los Angeles, California and visits him often. He has a younger sister named Sofía, 12, who lives in Yucatán, Mexico and he calls and texts her all the time. Oswaldo calls Sandy Flaca and calls Sofia Fifi. Both sisters call him Señor.

Sandy and Sofía have both been straight-A-students and are talented dancers. One day, Sandy and Sofía were speaking on the phone and Sofía gave Sandy an entire lesson on Yucatán’s cultural traditions and heritage–material she was proudly learning in school. Recently, Oswaldo called Sofia and asked her about school; she told him it was going well but did not say much more because she was in a hurry for dance practice. Both sisters have developed similar interests despite living in two different counties.

However, Sandy and Oswaldo hope to welcome Sofía to Los Angeles soon.

Oswaldo Vázquez’s older sister, Sandy, performing at a dance studio in Los Angeles. (Photo courtesy of the Vázquez family)