A Post Production Poem


I’m not going to lie

I was pretty fly

Rocking that hijab like, “Oh my!”

My headphones rested upon my head

It was silence, a peace of mind and my words that I shed

‘Cause it wasn’t about what I said

But about what I made you hear

And I wanted my story’s message to be clear

So I edited like crazy ’cause of fear

I had to finish in time

To write this blog and make it rhyme

Before Friday’s deadline chimed

Traci Tong kept track on the whiteboard

When it came to check marks, she was lord

So there was no time to be bored

I completed task after task

Seeking guidance was easy. I just asked.

Some days I wore a mask

I was exhausted and didn’t even say

I went home with no time to play

After my head was filled with sounds all day

So many thoughts were streaming through my mind

My classmates told me that I’d be fine

My friends and family told me that I’d shine

Walked in there every day like a boss

Finished early with no time lost

To make sure they remembered me as the girl who had too much sauce!

Intisar Seraaj gestures to the whiteboard where her check marks are plentiful. Photo by Elizabeth Aguilera.