A busy student finds time for news

Sorina Szakacs gives Rebecca Klinesmith advice on how to improve her piece at the Los Angeles City College journalism lab.

Sorina Szakacs is a triple major at Los Angeles City College. She studies English, journalism and art. She loves to read books, paint and write news. Although she worked as a journalist in her homeland of Romania, Sorina’s goal is to get her master’s degree in journalism at Columbia University and work as a reporter for the New York Times.

Even though Sorina is really busy, she is also a reporter for the Collegian, LACC’s student newspaper. Three days a week, you’ll find her on the second floor of the building in a large, stuffy, noisy room full of computers and students. On deadline days, Sorina is often the last one to leave. Her dedication is paying off. Last year, she won recognition for her story on the possible impact of  the El Niño  rains on the campus of LACC.